The Job Search

I have recently graduated college and I am moving toward the “real world”. The nine to five world if you will. People have told me that the job market is getting better and that my chances of employment are high, but that doesn’t mean a job will jump out at me. Of course, there are … More The Job Search

Tattoos and Piercings vs Professional World

Ladies and Gentlemen, this has been a great debate for a long time. The ironic thing about this topic was a statement on Instagram. I was scrolling through my feed, and I follow “The Shade Room,” and the following statement was, “Tattoos and piercings should not be considered unprofessional.” You ask me why? Why this … More Tattoos and Piercings vs Professional World

Blurring Lines

Find work that you love so much it becomes your life. Among the two full time jobs and the three part time gigs make it a point to seek out creativity within your inner passion while you keep hustling. Two out of seven recommended smoking a satisfying amount of cannabis to cope with extensive work … More Blurring Lines