Blurring Lines

Find work that you love so much it becomes your life. Among the two full time jobs and the three part time gigs make it a point to seek out creativity within your inner passion while you keep hustling. Two out of seven recommended smoking a satisfying amount of cannabis to cope with extensive work loads and long hours.

Taking time for yourself is the best way to balance work and life, five minutes in the car or ten minutes at the office to take the time to become one with yourself. You won’t be as reliant on outside sources like people or random events to determine and validate your stability and moods when you love your career and profession.

Life is full of sacrifices. One out of four suggest hauling ass now so they can enjoy life later. Three out of seven are still trying to figure it out. A Genius idea I heard was to blur the lines between work and play. This way you never have to work typically hard day in your life. Wherever you are in life, take time to celebrate yourselves because you’re doing just fine.

With COVID still at a pandemic rate, appreciate the work you’ve put in to get to where you are, the limited resources, for some more than others, and unlimited time. Take more seconds than none to smile at your work and the drive behind it. The freedom to express your creativity.

Whatever project you are working on, let it be your greatest pleasure. Whether it’s yourself, a good DIY or a business, let it push you past your comfort zone and into pure bliss. Find a balance between making money and enjoy your greatest achievements.


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