Doing It Well Part 2

I guess my brain decided on now because my lips were on his skin in an instant. As he turned around, I saw his eyes glare into my soul. He slowly wrapped my leg around him and we joined in an embrace. His soft kiss on my lips was what I really needed. I could feel his manhood grow between my thighs. Each time our lips touched, I felt myself ready to give in. I dreamed of this moment for years and here I was ready for it all. Suddenly his playful demeanor turned serious. 

“Tia, I’ve always admired you and respected you. Please shower and get dressed, I can’t do this,” he said.

“What the fuck Quan!” I said defensively.

Nah, it isn’t like that. I respect you too much to explore your body in this place.” he said quickly. 

I giggled, “Yeah, you’re right.” 

I’ll hit the shower and I’ll be ready in 45. Cool? 

“Yeah, that works” I exclaimed. 

I watched as his chocolate skin climbed out the jacuzzi and entered the shower. As he showered, I exfoliated my skin for any blemish. I wanted tonight to be perfect. After what seemed like forever, I was dressed and ready to go. I anxiously waited for Quan to meet me by our usual spot. I had only imagined this moment and now he was about to get me in shape. I slowly felt his hands up the small of my back and his lips on the back of my neck. He signaled me to the door and we walked out to his car. Although, I had been in has car before, it seemed like tonight it had more shine to it. We made it to the car, and put our bags in the trunk. As he opened my door he quickly ran back to the trunk for whatever reason. I let my soft skin sink into the leather of his seats. As I closed my eyes, I heard his footsteps approaching my side once again. 

“Hey Tia, its just one thing I need to ask before this goes any further,” 

“Yeah, wassup Quan?” I said with my eyes still closed. I figured this was the part of conversation of awkward questions that people ask before sex. I grimaced as I waited for the awkwardness of what I liked and disliked in the bedroom. 

“Get out the car, but keep your eyes closed.” he whispered. 

“Ummm, okay I guess.”

I stood up awkwardly awaiting his next move. Before I could respond I felt his arms pick me up and place me on top of the roof. 

“Quan, what are you doing?” I said nervously. 

“Just trying to see if you taste as good as you look.” He moved my dress up and slowly placed his head between my legs. I loved the feeling of his tongue gliding delicately around my vagina. The thrill of feeling his tongue touch the piece of metal that adorned the hood of my clit was amazing. With each lick I felt my dam begging for release. I was so close to climaxing when he put his hands around my throat. The firmness of his hands around my throat was exactly what I needed. 

“Ohhh, fuck!” I screamed as I squirted onto his face. I could feel my juices soaking his beard and continued to shake as he licked every drop he could. He continued to lick as I threw my head back to anticipate the next orgasm. Feeling his tongue swirl around my clit and his fingers gliding in and out, I quickly nutted on his face once again. He had drained me of every drop that I had. 

“You do taste as good as you look. I know what I want for dessert tonight,” he laughed. I reached out as his arms came up to move me from the roof. I smiled as I felt the waves of his energy go through my body. 

“Let’s get dinner because I’m not done with you yet, he said.” He grabbed me by my throat and kissed me passionately with juices adorning his beard. 

“Yeah, let’s get out of here. Its going to be a long night,” as I imagined me riding his penis until the morning. But for now, I’ll take dinner…


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