Why You Need These Apps ASAP

So there are a lot of apps out there and I know everyone’s phones are different. I was downloading a lot of apps based on people’s suggestions, but I recently cleaned out my phone keeping the apps and widgets that I actually use and like. So here is a list of my must have apps! Maybe there are some that people do not know about.

  • Starbucks- This app is sooo convenient! I usually want Starbucks, but I avoid it, because I have no patience for the lines. However, this app makes it convenient to order ahead of time. You literally order and walk in there and your drinks are on the side with your name on them. You do not even have to say anything to the baristas you just grab your drink and go! Talk about a useful app.
  • Venmo– Venmo is so great. My friends will not have cash on them to give me gas money or money for whatever else and Venmo makes it easier. You literally just add the person like you do on social medias and you pay them directly from your bank account to there’s. This app is better than Paypal, because your money shows up in your account literally the next day! Paypal sometimes takes forever.
  • iWish– The iWish app is one of my favorites, because it is like a digital dream board. You can map out your goals and input when you want to have them accomplished. Another cool feature is that it randomly shows you inspirational quotes throughout the day. I love it, because it usually is exactly what I needed to read, even though it is random.
  • Non Followers– Non followers is an app where you can see who is not following you back on Instagram. It is very simple to use, and you can unfollow people directly from the app.
  • No Crop/ No Crop Video– These are sooo useful for Instagram (Two different apps)! I usually want to post videos and pictures from Snapchat and my phone and sometimes Instagram crops them weird and cuts the images off. These apps quickly convert your content to fully show on Instagram! I use these so frequently.
  • Candy Crush– Hey Candy Crush always comes in handy when you are bored somewhere lol. This app is a must have.
  • Todoist– Todoist is an app where you can create multiple To Do Lists. It helps me stay very organized and you can even make To Do Lists for long term projects.
  • Snapchat/ Instagram/ Facebook– Got to have easy access to these apps! Special shout out to Instagram. I love posting pictures of myself and hilarious memes.
  • WordPress– Hey! Of course I have the WordPress app. A lot of my blogs are created while I am in the line at the store or walking somewhere. The best blogs are the ones created in the moment.
  • Secret of Happiness– This app is amazing. You basically set it for a time in the morning and then a notification pops up asking you to list three things you are thankful for and one thing you want to accomplish that day. Then, you set it for a time at night time and it prompts you to list three things that made you happy that day. It is very simple, but it is a good reminder to review the day and be thankful and positive.
  • Ticketmaster– This is a good app to have, because it is easier to get access to tickets through the app than on a computer when they first go on sale and everyone is trying to log on.
  • Internet Banking- Bank apps are always good! Keeping track of my money on the go is important to me personally. Wouldn’t want to have that embarrassing moment where my card declines haha just being honest.

There you have it the complete list of my must have apps! I hope some of these are useful to people. If you have any apps that you love and recommend, comment below! I am always open to try new apps and you never know, you might help someone out.

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