Why Confidence is Key

Hey everyone!

So this weekend is Fourth of July weekend. I am excited to have an extra day off. You all know that I love to sleep in and relax so I am happy. I worked six days in a row this week and it was exhausting. Today I worked at the radio station and I had so much fun! I love doing promotions and interacting with people. I get to be myself and listen to music I love. What could get any better than that?

This whole week I have been doing something I shouldn’t be doing; I have been letting people get to me and listening to their opinions. Everyone seems to suddenly have an opinion about my life and my decisions. It is starting to bother me, but honestly it shouldn’t. I am 23 in a half. My decisions should be made, because I want to make them. I was texting one of my friends the other day in frustration about my people interfering with my life. She told me “Regret the things you didn’t do, not the things you did do.”

This made a lot of sense to me. If I want to do something I might as well do it! Your 20’s is the time to make mistakes and do spontaneous things. I always over think situations, but I think I am just going to start going with my first instinct. I just wish people would focus on themselves instead of trying to critique my life.

On another note, I am looking into more careers I could have that relate to writing. This blog is showing me how much I truly love writing and now I am debating on how I could incorporate that into my career goals. I always refrain taking chances because I have a strong fear of failure, but I think I am going to start taking more risks. I want to send my work to more people and see if there are any free lance opportunities available. My girl suggested I go on Freelance.com and I have been avoiding it, because sometimes I question the quality of my writing. I have to stop questioning myself and be confident. As much as I preach about confidence, it’s still something I struggle with on a daily basis. It is a new month and I want to focus on confidence. Honestly, confidence is key! You are only as confident as you make yourself appear. Believe me, it is very obvious when someone is unsure or lacking confidence. A lot of people currently in positions of power excelling in life have got to the top based on confidence. My goal for the rest of the Summer is to get to that point where I am confident and sure of all my decisions, regardless of what people are saying/ suggesting.

Right now I am focused on moving out of my parents house, figuring out a way to make money doing what I am passionate about (writing) and overall having fun. Work and play balance is very important so as I grind I am trying to make sure I do not overdue it. Stay tuned!


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