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Monogamy Or Polygamy? (PART I)

Monogamy or polygamy is the question? We are going to get straight to the point in this article. Believe it or not polygamy has been around for centuries; but is it beneficial for millennials in today’s world in the black community? I’m going to share my personal preferences in this article, and the potential pros… Continue reading Monogamy Or Polygamy? (PART I)

My Life Be Like

Cutting Ties With the Ex

Lets just start with LEAVE YOUR EX AT THE DOOR! And let me explain to you why. That person is not in your life for a reason. Whether it be constant fighting or arguing. Maybe some infidelities or even the fact that they just didn’t grow with you as a person. Either way it goes… Continue reading Cutting Ties With the Ex

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Misha’s Room Episode 2: Side Bitch

Hey y'all! Returners, I'm glad you decided to make your way back to my neck of the woods! Newcomers, welcome to Misha's Room! You can follow this link to the first episode if you'd like to get a lil background on what goes on here and play catch up. Make yourself at home! Based on the… Continue reading Misha’s Room Episode 2: Side Bitch


The Conclusion to it All

Once Sebastian realized that I blocked him on everything he started calling my job back to back, he messaged me on someone else's Facebook and he started blowing up my phone. It was so obnoxious and scary. At that point I wished I never met him. He left me a voicemail basically saying stop playing,… Continue reading The Conclusion to it All


Before I Post the Last Post…

I would like to thank everyone for reading The Boyfriend Series. It is difficult for me to open up sometimes, so I appreciate you reliving my relationship journey with me. I was hesitating to start this series, because I didn't want to appear stupid, incompetent or ignorant. However, I am glad that I did it.… Continue reading Before I Post the Last Post…


The Sociopath (PART 2)

On New Years Eve me and Lina met Sebastian and his friends at a rave in Oakland. That night ended up being a total disaster. His friends were being annoying AF and he and I ended up arguing over something stupid... at that moment I knew 2016 would be a shit show. Since I lived… Continue reading The Sociopath (PART 2)


The Sociopath (PART 1)

The summer after Dre and I broke up I decided to make a Tinder. Everyone was telling me how poppin' it was, so I decided to shoot my shot. As soon as I created a Tinder I started meeting nothing but losers. Just when I was about to delete the app, I ended up matching… Continue reading The Sociopath (PART 1)


A Generation of Petty

This generation (90's babies and early 2000's babies) is full of petty people. Now before I provide my two cent, let's define this word. Petty (adj.)- of little importance; trivial. The dictionary sentence provided: "the petty divisions of party politics" My sentence:" The reason she left the house was petty." I feel like being petty is a… Continue reading A Generation of Petty


Why Cheaters Disgust Me

Watching shows such as "Love and Hip Hop" and "Empire" really have me thinking about how deceitful people can be.  Not to mention the disloyal people around me in my real life. When the argument about cheating versus loyalty comes up I see no justification for cheaters. I have heard so many different excuses from various… Continue reading Why Cheaters Disgust Me