Before I Post the Last Post…

I would like to thank everyone for reading The Boyfriend Series. It is difficult for me to open up sometimes, so I appreciate you reliving my relationship journey with me. I was hesitating to start this series, because I didn’t want to appear stupid, incompetent or ignorant. However, I am glad that I did it. I have no regrets and I really hope that some of the things I went through can help someone recognize bull shit and red flags. It has nothing to do with how smart, wise or aware you think you are. Manipulators, sociopaths and men in general have a way with fooling even the brightest individuals.

If you have been through any crazy situations while dating and it has affected you long term make sure you get help. Without seeking help you may never heal, so don’t feel ashamed or too good. If you are currently in a situation that isn’t good have the strength to leave. You only have one life to live and if someone isn’t treating you how you should be treated let them go. Once again thanks everyone! I was going to write the situationship series as a spin off, but I think I will be doing something else. Stay tuned đŸ™‚


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