My Life Be Like

Discovering Akilah

Seeing the world for the first time in 1993. Being the last of 4 children. Being raised by a older mother. Growing up singled out and abandoned by my father.  Being 20 years apart from the first born. Being raised by a single mother who had breast cancer, lupus, and a small hole in her… Continue reading Discovering Akilah


Before I Post the Last Post…

I would like to thank everyone for reading The Boyfriend Series. It is difficult for me to open up sometimes, so I appreciate you reliving my relationship journey with me. I was hesitating to start this series, because I didn't want to appear stupid, incompetent or ignorant. However, I am glad that I did it.… Continue reading Before I Post the Last Post…


A Generation of Petty

This generation (90's babies and early 2000's babies) is full of petty people. Now before I provide my two cent, let's define this word. Petty (adj.)- of little importance; trivial. The dictionary sentence provided: "the petty divisions of party politics" My sentence:" The reason she left the house was petty." I feel like being petty is a… Continue reading A Generation of Petty