Misha’s Room Episode 2: Side Bitch


Hey y’all! Returners, I’m glad you decided to make your way back to my neck of the woods! Newcomers, welcome to Misha’s Room! You can follow this link to the first episode if you’d like to get a lil background on what goes on here and play catch up. Make yourself at home! Based on the title, you can rightfully assume that this episode is about the controversial topic: side bitches. Once upon a time, I firmly believed that side bitches made the world go ’round (eventually this mindset led me to discover nonmonogamy, but we’ll get into that another time). I played that role and I must admit I was damn good at it. Y’all will probably hear a few pieces that relate to my experience as a side snack. Make judgements as you wish, we all had to grow through shit! It’s almost 2019, so let’s start by collectively deciding to do better. Step 1 for me was realizing my self worth. If you’d like to read along, the poem is listed below (or ask me about Silver Games). Click to subscribe on Apple Podcasts or to listen on SoundCloudOtherwise, press play and I hope you enjoy digging into Side Bitch. Let me know what you think! Have you had similar experiences? Can you relate? Til next time loves!


You’re so happy. You broadcast to the world how much you love her 


Did you think of her while you were deep sea diving in my insides?

Did she cross your mind one time when you took me on that ride? 

Yeah, I thought not. 

Because the word “girlfriend” didn’t come from your lips

I’m thinking it was more “oh shit”

Cuz you hit-

That spot. 

And for a while, I was actually proud that I got you. 

That I experienced you. 

That I spread my thighs and let you explore parts of my body unprotected

Never once thinking that you’d leave me feeling neglected,

I trusted you. 

Did things that I’m not at all accustomed to

Simply because it was with you!

And you took advantage of that. 

Encouraged me to throw it back 

As if- 

You were willing to catch


But see, 

You gave no fucks about me. 

All you saw was this ass clapping

And these beautiful breasts flapping

And that nut you released.

I gave you a fucking piece-

Of me that no nigga can claim.

You led me on-

Thinking you felt the same

But I couldn’t be more wrong

And now I’m stuck singing some bullshit love song 

Because you played me. 

Straight betrayed me!

Like I was some random chick,

Son you ain’t shit!


Thinking about the feelings I had

Could cause a bitch to go mad

You don’t get it. 

You fucked me in more ways than one

And nothing you can say will ever undone 

The shit you did. 

I risked carrying your kid 

To please you. 

That’s not some shit I’d regularly do!

You were special. 

And all you saw was opportunity. 

So you said what you needed to, to woo me

Right out of my underwear

Took me there

And left me out to dry 

Without so much as a reason why

Once again-

Son, you ain’t shit. 

A nigga like you ain’t even worth this. 



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