Misha’s Room (EPISODE 1)


Hello, hello, hello my loves! Welcome to Misha’s Room, come on in and make yourself comfortable! My name is Misha Frazier. I write poems and perform spoken word. My poetry is a reflection of my journey discovering who I am while also trying to take the right steps toward where I’m supposed to be going. Spoiler alert: I’m not 100% sure what the fuck I’m doing. I’m literally out here just doing shit, and this is another example of that. I created Misha’s Room as a safe space for people to talk shit, vent, release insecurities, and be constantly reminded that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We’re all just figuring this shit out. (By ‘this shit’ I mean life, of course).

You can come here to:

feel inspired when you lack motivation,

hear some freak shit if you’re into that,

cry when you’re feeling stressed,

get a few different perspectives,

be reminded of the BOSS you are even when it doesn’t feel like it,

learn a thing or 22,

And then some!

Misha’s Room is a podcast (click to subscribe on Apple Podcasts or listen on Soundcloud) dedicated to unpacking and dissecting my original poems. It’s one thing to hear a piece, but you FEEL it once you understand the art. Ask yourself why Resentment by Beyoncé went so hard after you got cheated on…too far? Don’t feel bad, I connected too! That’s why we’re here…to get a little help navigating through these scattered showers. If you like what you hear or are a fan of reading, you can order a copy of my first collection Silver Games on Amazon. Listen to the Intro episode to learn how to get an exclusive copy AND A BONUS! Anyway, I hope you enjoy your time here. Invite your friends. Add me on Instagram (@sweet_likemeesh) and y’all leave a few comments. Tell me what you think of the show! What came up for you? What resonates? Let’s get acquainted; after all, you are in Misha’s Room.


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