Misha’s Room Episode 3: The Reconstruction

IMG_7224HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I hope you’ve been enjoying 2019 so far, and thank you for bringing me along (a lot of people got left in 2018 haha). Welcome back to Misha’s Room, loves! This episode is about reconstructing yourself. People say ‘new year, new me’ but we rarely discuss the difficulties of the growing process. THAT SHIT IS HARD!! My poem “The Reconstruction” was written when I was in the fire. Life was hitting me left and right. I knew I needed to do something, but I was paralyzed because I had no idea which way to step. Things were dark, but thankfully enough I’m still here. If you’re going through hell and high waters right now, grab a seat and spend some personal time in Misha’s Room. This episode is for you. Press play and let’s start “The Reconstruction.” Share your stories; let’s talk!

Of course, you can always follow this link to the first episode for some background information on what goes on here or just because you want some entertainment while you wait for the next one to drop. Make yourself at home. If you’d like to read along, the poem is listed below, but I recommend asking me about getting a copy of Silver Games. Once we start the ‘REaD Along’ you might be missing out! Click the link to subscribe on Apple Podcasts or to listen on SoundCloud.



Is tearing down, and rebuilding something new. 

Getting rid of things that no longer benefit you, 

A clean slate

A new plate

Fresh start

With a courageous soul and pure heart. 

It’s hard. 

To admit that you’ve fallen short,

Or to-

Take a step forward and immediately be push right back

When you’re thinking you’ve made progress, 

You see the distance you have to go and start feeling less and less,


Because you remember how close you were- 

How you almost made it 

And now you’ve watched all of your hard work get disintegrated


The negative thoughts get contemplated. 

We all know it happens, but nobody ever wants to say it.

How you’ve-

Found yourself in an empty room thinking the worse,

I mean. I know my grandmother keeps the .38 in her purse

And shit I can’t seem to get out this hole so living feels like it’s no longer even worth-

All the shit I’ve been going through. 

Pessimism consumes you. 

The walls cave in and then-

Darkness becomes your new best friend. 

We’ve all been through it. 

When you get in a position where you’re 1.6 seconds from saying screw it,

But something stops you and you just can’t do it

Giving up isn’t in you. 

And you decide-

At that moment the sorrow no longer can continue 

And. And-

The room starts to get bigger. 

You breathe and begin to figure-

Out your next move. 

What’s best for YOU. 

That gives birth to your solid foundation. 

You’ve already been the perfect demonstration

Of where you refuse to go back. 

Sometimes it takes life kicking you in your ass for you to see the aspects you lack


Then starting your reconfiguration. 

Or reconstruction. 

Tearing down, and rebuilding something new. 

Getting rid of things that no longer benefit you

Letting go of shit that was “supposed” 

And finally enduring the pain that is Growth. 


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