Cuffing Season

Cuffing Season 1

I’m writing you this letter

Dripped in my soul

Done with the madness

The emotional toll

Loved you all winter

Then you hated me all spring

That’s how I figured out that this was all just a fling

Never saw you in public

But saw all of you at night

The way you used to arch your back made everything feel so right

I fell in love with the sex

I must admit it was the best

Got caught up in the moments and forgot the way we met

It started with a simple “Hello” and “Hi” in the DMs

Then things went from there

I forgot the rules of engagement in this seasonal thing

Lost my mind and started thinking about buying a ring

I knew it was over when I saw you with your man

Could have been mean and busted up your plan

But I knew the rules and it was clear to me

That seasonal friends were all that we would ever be

Had time to reflect how I lost my mind

Took the off season to rewind on how I messed up

But I’m prepared for this season

Been working out

Went over the rules again

Figured out my routes

Twitter? Nah. Not the way to go

Facebook? Well, at least limit the “Hollas” so I don’t look like a hoe

Instagram? Well those pictures do look nice

Above the social media sites that I will peruse

I cannot enter this season and lose

See ya in the streets. Hope you have fun

Because this season the rabbit is the one with the gun

Cuffing season number two has already begun




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