My Series of Unfortunate Events 

Hey guys!

Today I started thinking about all the unfortunate things that have happened to me in life so I decided to post a list for ya’ll. I just can’t even believe I exerienced all these random things in 24 years LOL. Since 13 is the superstitious number, I listed 13 things. Comments are welcome 🙂

1.       When a female “comes to you as a woman” via Facebook, but you don’t see it until 6 months later and you wasted 6 months being with a cheating bastard.

2.       When you fall for someone and then you find out their ex is in the picture so you and her plot to set him up and show up at the same place…. BUSTED

3.       When you get into a car accident and you are not even driving (stopped at a red light)

4.       When you let someone drive your rental and they damage it, but you have to pay for it, because they are broke

5.       When you post a blog about work and someone from work snitches and you get called into the office

6.       When your job says you cant use social media on work computers, but your phone doesn’t work, because of the steel building and now you are disattached from the world for eight hours

7.       When you go to the dentist to get your cavity fixed… but they find a second cavity

8.       When you buy tickets to go see Ariana Grande with your best friend like you’ve wanted to do for three years, but she moves to the other side of the country a couple weeks before the concert

9.       When you find a good deal on a Canon Camera, but someone robs you two weeks later

10.   When you cook some really good steaks for lunch at work, but you get into a car accident the next day and your steaks fall out onto the ground

11.   When you met someone on line, but you find out a couple months later you might be cousins

12.   When you buy tickets to see your favorite artist for the first time(Nicki Minaj) and she gets sick and cancels the show

13.   When you’re excited to get home to eat the 10 chicken nuggets you have leftover and you come home and find out your sister ate them



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