#24 Random Facts About Me

Hey loves!

So in honor of my 24th birthday coming up I have decided to post 24 facts about me. These are the most random things ever, but it will give you a little more insight on the person I am. Enjoy 🙂

  1. I have never broken a bone (knock on wood)
  2. I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin
  3. I have terrible allergies
  4. I am addicted to smoothies
  5. My Tyrese obsession is a little unhealthy
  6. I love candy and sweets
  7. I can’t do my hair like at all
  8. I love the color red
  9. I wish I lived in Berkeley and plan on moving there when I am older
  10. The way to my heart is to take me to Black Angus lol
  11. I wish I was taller (I am 5’7)
  12. I wish I had rhythm LOL
  13. I lowkey love Valentine’s Day… IDK why
  14. I like being fed lol
  15. I love cats but dogs scare me
  16. I want to have a huge aquarium when I get my own place
  17. I love getting good morning texts. They really make my day
  18. I am a complete Daddy’s Girl
  19. My siblings are the funniest people I have ever met in my LIFE
  20. My entire life I have wanted a pair of UGGs but never had any
  21. I have gained 7 pounds in 2016 #SlimThick
  22. Ariana Grande is my woman crush
  23. My biggest fear is losing my mom
  24. I am afraid of needles and would never get a tattoo

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