#24 Things I Accomplished This Year

Hello people,

This post isn’t to brag or boost, more so for me to reflect on this year and encourage you all to do the same. What did you accomplish this year? These are 24 things I have accomplished. I don’t even know if there was 24 things, but you all know the significance of that number haha. Here we go!

  1. Got my first full time job
  2. Got a job in my desired career field
  3. Saved more money than I have ever been able to save
  4. Got closer to my siblings
  5. Got a raise at my job
  6. Escaped a toxic relationship
  7. Got more of a following for my social medias
  8. Saw Rihanna in concert
  9. Delved into event planning like I have been wanting this whole year (I am interning for an event planning company)
  10. Started writing for a website besides my own (Csuitemusic.com)
  11. Grew my hair a couple more inches lol
  12. Learned how to make banana pudding and cheesecake from scratch
  13. Started regularly going to the nail shop ( I used to neglect my nails and feet LOL)
  14. Escaped a dangerous situation that could of ended my life (Read previous post)
  15. Went to the East Coast for the first time
  16. Figured out what roles my friends play in my life instead of trying to do everything and share everything with everyone
  17. Figured out how much I am worth
  18. Started attending church regularly again (fell off during college)
  19. Completely paid off my credit cards
  20. Met the Backstreet Boys and took a picture next to my favorite one (Nick Carter yasss!!)
  21. Went to my first legit protests (Black Lives Matter in Oakland and San Francisco)
  22. Changed a diaper for the first time lol (I usually try to avoid children)
  23. Had Vegan food for the first time
  24. Finally feeling confident enough to be myself ❤



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