The Long Distance One (PART 2)

The whole time I was in Mississippi, Patrick and I were arguing. It would escalate so much that he'd go in the other room and give me the silent treatment for the rest of the night. The arguments weren't even that serious, but Patrick just couldn't let shit go. The breaking point was the night… Continue reading The Long Distance One (PART 2)


The Long Distance One (PART 1)

I was COMPLETELY done with men. Right before Valentine's Day I got played by a guy who was still involved with his ex. He used me and then denied me when me and her confronted him in person... I felt completely defeated. It was now April 2017. I was on Instagram and I noticed that… Continue reading The Long Distance One (PART 1)


While We’re Young

I am on the airplane coming back from my vacation to Mississippi. Honestly I had the time of my life! I am so sad to be coming back to reality, but I am happy I got to escape for a week. While I was in Mississippi I played 2K for the first time, I ate… Continue reading While We’re Young


#24 Things I Accomplished This Year

Hello people, This post isn't to brag or boost, more so for me to reflect on this year and encourage you all to do the same. What did you accomplish this year? These are 24 things I have accomplished. I don't even know if there was 24 things, but you all know the significance of… Continue reading #24 Things I Accomplished This Year