Peace, Love, and Alex Elle

Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 3.35.32 PMWhenever I’m on social media, I spend a good chunk of my time watching my favorite inspirational and motivational folks, and looking for others to follow. We can all use some motivational tips and shining lights in our lives. Of course, don’t forget to step outside and put ya phone down often, but get all the keys, y’all. And one of my favorites, is none other than Alexandra Elle.

Alexandra Elle, also known as Alex Elle, is a mother of two, wife, host of the @heygirlpodcast, and writer of all good things, including Neon Soul, 150 Days of Gratitude Journal, and Today I Affirm. She also holds workshops that involve regrinding, writing, community, womanhood and partnership. She pretty much does everything with complete finesse. (Fan-girling super hard right now).

I don’t really recall how I found Alex, but I was so thankful I did. Everyday, she posts new content that ranges from watching the beautiful, honest journey that is motherhood, family-hood, sisterhood, and womanhood, to inspirational affirmations that most times feel like they’re being spoken directly towards me. It’s part of my day I really look forward to when spending time on social media. It’s always a magical moment, no doubt.

In her podcast titled, “Hey Girl,” Alex reaches deep in the most ethereal of ways (it’s Black Girl Magic) and discusses topics like womanhood, mental health, mindfulness, motherhood, owning businesses and one’s work, and has amazing guests on the show like @nikishariley (another favorite of mine), and even her own daughter Charleigh, to discuss what it’s like to grow up, and what’s going on in her life. Her work is so important!

On a personal note, I’ve been following Alex for several years now, and I possess several pieces of her work. What I find most magical about her work is how it constantly helps me reflect on all the wonderful things in my life, deepens my gratitude for not only the good, but for all the hard times I’ve had too. I’d like to think that at some point in our lives, many of us turn to “self help” books in search of deeper answers, or just the chance to be more well-rounded. In spirit of this new year, her work has been crucial in keeping me grounded in myself, and helping me work towards my goals.

If you are someone looking to add more mindfulness into your life, check Alex out. You won’t be disappointed! 

@heygirpodcast can be found anywhere you stream podcasts.

Alexandra Elle’s books can be found here for purchase:

Neon Soul by Alexandra Elle 

#ANOTE2SELF Meditation Journal by Alexandra Elle

Words from a Wanderer by Alexandra Elle 

Love in my Language by Alexandra Elle 

Growing in Gratitude by Alexandra Elle 

Today I Affirm by Alexandra Elle 




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