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2020 Vision No Resolution Needed

A resolution is a firm decision one makes to do or not do something. At the beginning of every year, the majority of us express our resolutions only to spend the next 365 days struggling to maintain them. Most of us just forget about our resolutions and go back to our old ways a few… Continue reading 2020 Vision No Resolution Needed

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Signs Of A Toxic Family Member

We hear it all the time, blood is thicker than water, and in some fortunate cases this is true but in others when it comes to family they tend to cut us so deep they bleed us dry instead of keeping us healthy, hydrated, energized and feeling loved. A lot of times, it's normal to feel… Continue reading Signs Of A Toxic Family Member

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Misha’s Room Episode 7: Summer Dreaming

Ayeeeee I just want to pat myself on the back for sticking to my word and not letting ANYTHING hinder me from banging out FOUR solid episodes of Misha’s Room in the shortest, most jam packed month ever! I am Black Excellence hahaha. Don’t mind me y’all, I’m just proud of myself!  Anywho, Welcome back… Continue reading Misha’s Room Episode 7: Summer Dreaming

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Things That Keep Me Going When I’m Down.

Looking at me you can never tell if I'm having a good or bad day because the expression on my face doesn't change much. Can we say permanent bitch face? Also there are times I enjoy being to myself, so if you catch me being extremely quiet you may assume something is wrong when it's… Continue reading Things That Keep Me Going When I’m Down.

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History… My History

Standing out in the fields under a scorching sun Arrested under the fear of whips and rabid dogs Forced to pick cotton or reproduce, whether we wanted to or not Sounds like history... my history.   Perched on our hands and knees until they bled dark red Scrubbing floors, washing dishes, cleaning windows Using gritty… Continue reading History… My History

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“I’ m Not Obligated” : Why Taking on Other Peoples Problems is Not Your Job

If you're anything like me your friends and family are your top priority. Almost to the point that they come before you in almost every aspect. You are there any time they call. You lend them money any time they need, help them move, or just listen to them “vent”. But then at the end… Continue reading “I’ m Not Obligated” : Why Taking on Other Peoples Problems is Not Your Job

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Pick Me

I've fallen into something deeper than I intended, a situation-ship that didn't have limits or boundaries. A silent agreement between us that kept me on my toes, a deep like and bond that no one else knows. We, existed together on nights when I couldn't bare to be alone. On days when we didn't schedule… Continue reading Pick Me

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New Neighbors

This new neighborhood didn’t come with a warning. That eviction notice was disguised in the form of a coffee shop, it fooled us into thinking that things were looking up for us. Neon lights in my hood, shining on blocks that were named the most crime infested streets in Brooklyn. Now they ride their bikes… Continue reading New Neighbors

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Storytime With Sky- Finally Me: Coming Out Story

Everyone's story is different. Some people have it hard coming out to their families and friends. Finding yourself has got to be one of the most difficult hurdles in your life. But you're 100% true to yourself, you'll feel so much free. When I was about fourteen years old, I had my first girl crush.… Continue reading Storytime With Sky- Finally Me: Coming Out Story

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Peace, Love, and Alex Elle

Whenever I'm on social media, I spend a good chunk of my time watching my favorite inspirational and motivational folks, and looking for others to follow. We can all use some motivational tips and shining lights in our lives. Of course, don't forget to step outside and put ya phone down often, but get all… Continue reading Peace, Love, and Alex Elle