History… My History

Standing out in the fields under a scorching sun

Arrested under the fear of whips and rabid dogs

Forced to pick cotton or reproduce, whether we wanted to or not

Sounds like history… my history.


Perched on our hands and knees until they bled dark red

Scrubbing floors, washing dishes, cleaning windows

Using gritty old brushes and dirty soapy water that Old Ma used to use

Sounds like history… my history.


Hearing the word “Nigger” on a regular basis

So much so, that some of us have repurposed that word as an endearment

Removing the pain attached to it and replacing it with power and love

Sounds like history… my history.


Thinking that we were no longer slaves and that we had freedom

Even though we had different schools, and restrooms, and places to eat

Curfews to follow, or else we might be hung from the tree down at city hall

Sounds like history… my history.


Having our churches set a blaze with children still inside

Witnessing our people being sprayed with water hoses and tear gas

While police dogs tore at our flesh to their hearts delight

Sounds like history… my history


Being hunted down like escaped prisoners

By a 3-lettered organization who thrived on our agony

That very same agony that reminded us that we will never truly be accepted

Sounds like history… my history

From yesterdays slavery, torture, and violence

Segregation and disregard for human life…

To today’s cultural appropriation, police brutality, and over-sexualization

Sounds like history… my history


Sitting here in class, reading about all of this white hatred

That white hatred that turned to black pride when the 44th president

Was the same color as you and me

Sounds like history… my history.






2 thoughts on “History… My History

  1. This is a outstanding poem Shamari, it was so powerful and so moving. This poem touched my soul it made me think about the stories my parents and grandparents told me about them growing up and some of the things I went through growing up and still till this day am going through. Keep up the great work!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much 🙌🏾 I really appreciate your support! That was some of the inspiration behind the poem; the stories that we pass down from generation to generation.


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