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Painting A Picture of Love

When I was eleven years old, at the time I did not realize that I was taking a picture that would be so precious to me, and that it would lead to such a special moment between me and one of my closest friends. As I mentioned in my previous article, Emily Lauren Mata, an… Continue reading Painting A Picture of Love

My Life Be Like

15 Quotes To Empower My Black Kings & Queens

Photo by ZIPHAUS on Unsplash Hey my beautiful Kings & Queens! Today I’m going to get straight to the point and let you all know how beautiful, powerful, talented and needed you are with my list of quotes to uplift you all. Check them out below: 1. “I had to make my own living and my own opportunity.… Continue reading 15 Quotes To Empower My Black Kings & Queens

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Alonge Hawes Taps New Cast Members For ‘Black On Both Sides’

ATLANTA,GA-- Alonge Hawes recently wrapped principle photography on his newest series, Black On Both Sides. As such it has been announced that two new talents have been cast as series regulars. Shani Hawes (Blue Collar Hustle, Live Arts Theater’s Production Of Children Of Eden) and Julian Robinson (Blue Collar Hustle) will join the previously announced Devan… Continue reading Alonge Hawes Taps New Cast Members For ‘Black On Both Sides’

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Nipsey Hussle: LA’s Self Made Legend

On Sunday March 31st, community leader, entrepreneur and rapper Nipsey Hussle was murdered outside of his Marathon Clothing Store in the Hyde Park area of Los Angeles. Nipsey was LA’s self-made legend who crafted his own space into the music industry, business and philanthropy by living by the “G Code”, or honoring the code of… Continue reading Nipsey Hussle: LA’s Self Made Legend

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History… My History

Standing out in the fields under a scorching sun Arrested under the fear of whips and rabid dogs Forced to pick cotton or reproduce, whether we wanted to or not Sounds like history... my history.   Perched on our hands and knees until they bled dark red Scrubbing floors, washing dishes, cleaning windows Using gritty… Continue reading History… My History

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Yes, It’s Time For a Blexit

Yeah, I said it. Its time for a mass exodus of black people from the Democratic Party. No, we shouldn't all go register as Republicans. For every criticism that I give the Democrats, the Republicans are about 10 times worse. On top of most issues, the Republicans gerrymander districts along racial lines to maintain their… Continue reading Yes, It’s Time For a Blexit