2020 Vision No Resolution Needed

A resolution is a firm decision one makes to do or not do something. At the beginning of every year, the majority of us express our resolutions only to spend the next 365 days struggling to maintain them. Most of us just forget about our resolutions and go back to our old ways a few weeks into the New Year so why keep making them? Once I realized how pointless it was to keep making resolutions and not truly make the effort to stick to it, I began making vision boards.

Instead of choosing one small thing and making a firm decision to make adjustments, I started looking at the bigger picture. The way my life is set up and due to my past, I could no longer narrow down a whole year worth of mess to just one life adjustment for the New Year. I needed to come into the New Year with a whole new vision and mindset.
A vision board is a canvas where we can clearly lay out and create a collage of words and images to represent our goals and dreams to motivate and inspire us throughout the year. Unlike a New Year resolution that can easily get tossed and lost after we put it out in the universe, a vision board calls our bluff. You can look at it every single day and ask yourself, am I living by this? Am I willing to make these changes? Am I putting in the work to enhance my life and make these adjustments? Can I really do this? Will I really do this?

This year, after getting to know a small group of women through my job, I decided to host a vision party for 2020. Like the old me, these women would just throw out New Year resolutions only to soon forget about them. Just the idea of creating a vision board sparked their interest because they all had goals and things they wanted to change coming into the New Year. All they needed were the tools to help them lay out there vision. The supplies consists of a few simple items: a poster board, magazines or pictures, scissors, glue, & any other decorative tools you would like to include to enhance your vision! Once their boards were complete, I could see right away how excited and motivated they were to begin 2020 with a clear vision, no resolution needed this year and the years upon us…


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