Things That Keep Me Going When I’m Down.

Looking at me you can never tell if I’m having a good or bad day because the expression on my face doesn’t change much. Can we say permanent bitch face? Also there are times I enjoy being to myself, so if you catch me being extremely quiet you may assume something is wrong when it’s not. BUT 65% of those times you find me sitting in silence, I’m definitely on the verge of having a breakdown. I feel extremely down and I believe the walls around me are going to bury me alive. At that point I just want to cut myself off from the world and focus on my mental.

You’d think it’ll be easy to get out of the state of being down on yourself but it’s harder to give yourself a positive self-talk when every thought running around in your head is negative. Sometimes it’s easier to throw yourself a pity party with a bunch of snacks while laying in bed than it is to pick yourself up and keep going.

To help you get out of the habit of isolating yourself from the world or eating everything around you while hiding under a cover, I’m going to list a few things that keep me going whenever I feel down about anything in my life (work, motherhood, relationships, my dreams, etc.)


Music has always been my go to when I need to be put in a better mood. Before I found writing, music was my therapy. Lyrics combined with a beautiful melody is like breathing in fresh air after being trapped in a small room that feels like summer time. I always felt like I could find a song that related to me, letting me know I’m not alone, to love myself or whatever the message was I needed to hear.

Quotes & Affirmations

It really does help! Sometimes I don’t have the words to give myself a positive self-talk so I turn to other people’s words. On my IG all my saved posts are uplifting/empowering quotes and affirmations. When I need a quick push, encouragement or anything I just click on that tab and repeat those affirmations until I’m in a better place.


Especially my son. I can be in the worst mood but just looking in my son’s eyes, seeing his smile and hearing the words, “I love you” and “you’re the best” are enough to keep me going everyday. Even being around my sister and cousins when I’m not in the best mood always uplifts me. When you are surrounded by people who genuinely love and support you the other shit doesn’t matter.

Self Care

I know I can’t be the only one who takes a random bath or shower when feeling down. Something about letting all my doubts, fears and all the negative weight I’m carrying wash away is just the right amount of self care I need. Along with an at home facial and some good ole incense or oil burning.

The Outcome

If what’s getting you down has to do with your career or the goals you are having a hard time reaching, just stay focused on the destination. What outcome do you want when you work your way through all the bullshit? Is what’s happening to you now worth the outcome? And if not maybe it’s time to reconsider some things. Sometimes you can’t think about what’s happening to you now but remember the bigger picture. Things cannot be rushed and everything great will never come easy. Just keep the outcome in mind and keep striving.

Those are just a few things that keep me going and I hope they can help you as well. What are some things that help you when you aren’t on the best mood?


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