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Trapped in a bubble “protected.”My own fears are leaving me neglected.Why do these walls come up once the emotions come out?What am I afraid of?I’m alone.Not because there is no desire for my company.But because company can break my heart.Abandon me.Love me one day and ridicule me the next.I want love just as much as… Continue reading SAFETY NET

My Life Be Like

10/06/2020 Thoughts

My personal self question I’ve been searching for is: Why did l allow myself to be mistreated? Because this is not the first time I’ve allowed myself to be silenced by a man. After my last relationship l really noticed a pattern. I’m attracted to financially stable Latins, due to the financial stability they're usually… Continue reading 10/06/2020 Thoughts

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Rob Woods New Album The Black Tape Will Be Released on Juneteenth

BAY AREA, CA--  Sacramento artist Rob Woods will release his highly anticipated project, The Black Tape on June 19, 2020. The Black Tape is a collective of feeling, love, anger, happiness, pain, and a complete stand up for our people which Woods represents. This is an Us tape. The motivation behind the project was the… Continue reading Rob Woods New Album The Black Tape Will Be Released on Juneteenth

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Misha’s Room Episode 2.4: Fears

Hey my loves! Welcome back to Misha’s Room! Happy Mardi Gras if you’re in New Orleans or Mobile, Alabama. Stay safe and enjoy the holiday! Everyone else, hope you have a dope ass day too!  This episode of Misha’s Room is about love. Or at least the fears that are often associated with love. The… Continue reading Misha’s Room Episode 2.4: Fears


These Are My Confessions…

Hey ya'll! If you follow me on social media you know that I am releasing a new blog series titled Realer Than Real. This blog series is a subsidiary of Reckless Behavior that will feature realer, uncut stories that I've been hesitant to share. To kick off the series, I've decided to share 40 confessions/facts… Continue reading These Are My Confessions…

My Life Be Like

Things That Keep Me Going When I’m Down.

Looking at me you can never tell if I'm having a good or bad day because the expression on my face doesn't change much. Can we say permanent bitch face? Also there are times I enjoy being to myself, so if you catch me being extremely quiet you may assume something is wrong when it's… Continue reading Things That Keep Me Going When I’m Down.


2010 VS. 2016 #TheTransformation

I have come a long way! Haha, six years later no braids, no fake glasses. I am definitely  way more confident now and happy about my appearance. I always wanted a nose ring, but I was scared to get it, because I do not like needles. However, I maned up last year and now my… Continue reading 2010 VS. 2016 #TheTransformation