Misha’s Room Episode 2.4: Fears


Hey my loves! Welcome back to Misha’s Room! Happy Mardi Gras if you’re in New Orleans or Mobile, Alabama. Stay safe and enjoy the holiday! Everyone else, hope you have a dope ass day too! 

This episode of Misha’s Room is about love. Or at least the fears that are often associated with love. The shit is scary! I know I’ve been in quite a few relation/situationships that left me a little nervous about embracing something new. Love is and gets complicated. It’s important to acknowledge your fears though. After all, nothing can be changed until it is faced -James Baldwin 

So get comfortable. Pour up, roll up, and unwind as we make our way to Misha’s Room to dig a little deeper into my fears. Let me know what comes up for you! Click the link to subscribe on Apple Podcasts or to listen on SoundCloud. Hit me up (Instagram @sweet_likemeesh) to grab your copy of Scattered Showers (or Silver Games)! Til next time 🙂



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