Dirty Change: Part 6- Thrown Off

Dirty Change 2

As soon as Mr. Nickel heard about the glove, his heart sank in his chest. Could this be the clue that unlocked his deepest secret and his deepest fear?

“Where did they find the glove?”

“They found it behind a dumpster near Kevin’s body.”

“Ok. Thanks.”

Mr. Nickel was in a state of panic. He didn’t know what the voice in his head had done and thoughts began to go through his head of him taking ownership of what happened and giving himself up.  As he thought about it more, he wished he could be the kid that was killed instead. The mental battle of yesteryear was cranking back up again and he was losing his handle on it. He was ready to end it all and thought maybe the police would help him do that if he showed up to the scene. Mr. Nickel left the office and hopped in his car, heading towards the scene of the crime.

While he was headed there, Detectives Porter and Collins were on their way to the station when they received a call.

“Can you all head back to the scene? We found some other evidence we need you both to take a look at?”

“Headed there now!”

Both Collins and Porter were eagerly anticipating what they may have found at the scene. For Collins, she loved catching the bad guys. In Porter’s case, he was hoping bad the evidence would lead to Mr. Nickel and allow them to arrest him.

“Maybe this is our big break to crack up the big board, Michaela.”

“Maybe so Porter. Maybe so.”

The pair turned around and headed to the scene of the crime once again.

Once Collins and Porter arrived to the scene, they were shocked to see an unwanted visitor there.

“What are you doing here Mr. Nickel?”

“One of the kids at the center told me they found a glove.”

“You coming to remove evidence?”

“No sir. Just coming to see if I can be of assistance.”

“You can be once you fit this glove.”

Mr. Nickel went silent with that response from Detective Porter as they both looked at someone bringing a glove over to them.

“Here is the glove Detective. As you can see, it’s black and looks kind of small and narrow. There seem to be nails that dug in the top of the glove. I would assume these are women’s gloves.”

Detective Porter looked at the gloves and then glanced at the hands of Mr. Nickel. His hands were a  nice size and he had his nails extremely low-cut. At that point, Detective Porter was frustrated even more. He thought for sure the glove was that of Mr. Nickel.

“Well, I don’t know how you did this, but we are going to find this out.”

“I hate it that Kevin’s mom is going through this, but we will figure it out and I will help you detective.”

“How are you going to do that when you did it?”

The whole scene of the crime heard when Detective Porter made that statement and everyone was staring at Mr. Nickel. As everyone was staring at him, he began to feel moisture build up on his forehead as if he was under the intense head of a light.  He considered giving himself up to Detective Porter, but he thought about it. Maybe this would be the last murder and he could get control of the darkness within him.

“I will help you all in whichever way I can, but please stop accusing me of these crimes.”

Mr. Nickel left and headed to his vehicle.

“You cannot go accusing him of killing people every time, partner. I know you think he did it, but we have to get evidence and you responding like that to him is going to get you in trouble eventually.”

“I just want justice.”

“I do as well, but let’s go about it the right way so we can catch whoever did these murders and put them away for good.”

Detective Collins and Porter walked away from the scene of the crime as forensics completed their second look.

As Mr. Nickel was getting into his car, his phone rang.

“Hey baby. How are you?”

“I’m doing fine. Just shook that a kid I knew from the center is dead.”

“Oh. Well, I am so sorry to hear that. You want to come over and talk about it?”

Mr. Nickel accepted Sandra’s invitation to come over and headed her way. After all, he could not resist her.

As soon as Sandra hung up the phone, she began to look outside at the streets of the city.

“The city isn’t the same anymore. I used to be able to walk these streets everyday and now look at them. I have to clutch my purse when walking from the door to the car. This just should not be. Someone needs to do something about it.”

Sandra just sat there and daydreamed some more until Mr. Nickel pulled up to her home. At that point, she ran downstairs and opened the door, hugging him super tight.

“I’m so sorry that happened today. Did they find any clues at the scene?”

“They actually found a glove. And from what one of the officers on the scene was saying, it sounded like it was a female’s glove, so they think a woman was involved in this.”

“Well, I bet they didn’t expect to hear that one.”

“Yeah. They were definitely shocked.”

“I made you some food. Did you want some of these spaghetti and meatballs?”


Both Sandra and Mr. Nickel sat down at her kitchen table and ate while chatting about the state of the city. As they rambled on, it became very late.

“I think I need to head home.”

“Why not stay with me?”

“No. I don’t think that would be a good idea.”

“I think it would be.”

As Sandra was saying that, she was showing Mr. Nickel a little more leg than usual and his eyes were captivated.

“As much as I want to, I have to go.”

He rushed to the door and slammed it as he headed to his car.

“What does he have going on in that head of his?”

As she went upstairs, she noticed a black glove sitting on the stairs.

“I guess this goes in the laundry next round.”







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