Internal Asylum


Something ain’t right I can feel it in me.

I’m not normally like this and I know how it should be.

One minute I’m up then I’m down. I barely smile, and I constantly frown.

I don’t speak to anyone and I barely come around.

I lock the door up and check in on me. It’s time, it’s been too long.

The voices in my head seem like a song.

Over and over so loud and loud. I’m here by myself but I’m lost in the crowd.

I’m panicking, I can’t breathe. I need to get out, somebody help me…

That’s not me it’s anxiety.

Okay I know what’s going on. Relax, make right what’s wrong.

This is so pathetic. Look at me. All the shit that I’ve done is coming back to me. I deserve it, I accept it and know it.

All these things that have blessed me in my life. Two kids and a beautiful wife.

Now look I’m falling apart. Depression is smashing and breaking my heart.

That’s what it is, okay. It’s depression I can beat this with a quick mental session.

I’m tired of dealing with this. It’s a burden to me. A fire is burning and burning with me.

Now I’m crying to myself stuck in this room, but my life is beautiful not to be misunderstood.

I feel something warm wrapped and squeezing me tight. I open my eyes and see my true light.

My wife has picked the lock and come into the room making me smile and bringing me gloom.

My internal asylum will always be full .

Causing chaos and speaking on bull.

There’s more that’s going on though besides just me.

I just thank God that they put up with me.


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