My Life Be Like

Internal Asylum

Something ain’t right I can feel it in me. I’m not normally like this and I know how it should be. One minute I’m up then I’m down. I barely smile, and I constantly frown. I don’t speak to anyone and I barely come around. I lock the door up and check in on me.… Continue reading Internal Asylum

Go Awf!

Beauty Over Brains: Are Looks being Chosen Over Personality?

One day I was on Instagram having my normal group conversation with two of my male friends. This group chat usually consisted of funny memes, videos and of course them sharing a bunch of pictures of Instagram models with their asses out and obsessing over phat cats. Let me just say it can be extremely… Continue reading Beauty Over Brains: Are Looks being Chosen Over Personality?

My Life Be Like, poetry

Pick Me

I've fallen into something deeper than I intended, a situation-ship that didn't have limits or boundaries. A silent agreement between us that kept me on my toes, a deep like and bond that no one else knows. We, existed together on nights when I couldn't bare to be alone. On days when we didn't schedule… Continue reading Pick Me


The Manipulative One

When I was in middle school I met a boy (or should I say man) named Ian Michaels. I was in the 8th grade and I was 14 years old, but of course he thought I was 17. Ian was 19 years old and he had no idea I was in middle school. This relationship was… Continue reading The Manipulative One