The She Series – “Rose Petals”

Hello and Welcome to another installment of The She Series!


 I hope you’ve enjoyed my work so far. Today I’m bringing you another short poem from my book, The Diary of She – Vol. II, entitled “Rose Petals.” Roses can be extremely beautiful, especially when you put love and patience into taking care of them, but what happens when you begin to neglect what you spent time helping evolve?



He planted the seed
and watered me daily
I blossomed beautifully
But the nurturing faded
He no longer talked to me
My petals fell until I had none left
He threw me out
and planted something new

In this poem the rose represents me and the many times I met someone who made me feel like I was on top of the world only to come plummeting down onto my face. I know we’ve all been in a situation where a man or woman has told us everything we’ve ever wanted to hear, had our confidence so high when at one point it was at the lowest, but the moment they got comfortable they began to treat us different. Sometimes that change in behavior leads to them slowly ghosting you to put all the energy they once put into you into someone new. It breaks you and all your petals fall while another woman’s or man’s begin to blossom.

We have to learn to nurture ourselves instead of depending on another. We don’t want to become that dead rose over and over again.


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