Things are Starting to Heat Up

Hey guys!

I am super excited to update you guys on my life. A lot has happened and I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to write that much. But first and foremost, I hope everybody’s been doing great. I must say that 2018 has been my year and I hope it’s been yours as well.

I recently quit my promotions job at the radio station, because I felt like there was no point in working somewhere where I wasn’t going to grow and progress. After working there for two years, I definitely made a lot of connections and learned a lot, but I felt like there was no where else to go. I had the option of becoming a board operator, but I feel like I’ve done that already at the other radio station I worked at in San Jose so why would I go backwards? At this point in life, I just want to make sure that I’m moving up progressing, And expanding my skill set. I feel like I’m too talented to keep lugging heavy ass tents and tables to events, like that’s some entry-level shit and I’m 25 years old with a degree and years of experience. So I just want to inspire you to never be content. I was debating real hard if I should keep working at the radio station, but when it came down to it, I need to move on to bigger and better.

What’s really exciting is that I am about to get promoted at my office job at the property management company. I really didn’t expect that, but it looks like my boss wants to promote me to an association manager within the next three months. I didn’t think that I would be working at this job for long but there’s a lot of money in the property management and real estate industry so it’s like why not? I think that for the next four years or so I will work here, stack my money and become financially stable, because right now I’ve really been struggling with this credit card debt and the student loans I’ve been trying to pay back. I always say you should do what makes you happy, but I also need to think about my money and setting myself up for the future. Working the position I’ve been working as an administrative assistant and working in promotions at the radio station I haven’t been able to save any money and I need to start ASAP, because let’s be real, pretty soon I’m going to be 30.

Like I mentioned in my last post, my living situation has been such a mess that this really expired inspired me to make living on my own a goal next year. I know that I won’t be able to buy a place right away, but I at least want to be able to afford my own apartment, because I need a piece of mind and I don’t want to deal with family drama or roommate drama anymore. So wish me luck on this new journey that I’m going to embark on, I’ve been working very hard at my full-time job making sure my boss notices and it looks like it’s finally paying off. I really didn’t expect to be offered a promotion, it caught me off guard. But at the end of the day I’m determined to succeed because that’s all I know how to do.

It’s July and we’re past the halfway mark in 2018 and I’ve already accomplished so much as far as networking, making connections and getting my name more out there. Me and Imani have been so visible and people are really starting to fuck with us now. If feels so good to have somebody in my life just as motivated and ambitious as I am, because she pushes pushes me to be better and do great. Her and I have been establishing a business plan and talking about our next move and I really feel like it’s going to be great and just push our success over the edge. With both our networks, I feel like a lot of people will mess with us and support us. The advice I really want to give you guys is if you have an idea or plan put it in motion don’t be scared, don’t be worried, and if you don’t have enough money don’t be worried that nobody’s going to support you, you just have to do it, put your all into it and hope for the best. It’s better to at least try and accomplish your dreams then to sit here working a 9-to-5 accomplishing somebody else’s dreams and that’s it. Although I’m not the most confident person and I have a lot of insecurities, my friends and the support from my family have really just made me want to be successful on my own terms and establish some sort of business. I’m not exactly sure what else I’m passionate about besides writing, event planning and promoting, but I’ve really been brainstorming and I feel like there’s other things that I can succeed in as well. I’m so open-minded at this point and I can genuinely say that I’m happy.

I really want to thank my role models who have continuously mentored me throughout my journey. I definitely have to mention G Biz because he’s like my number one inspiration also Shayla Bang (Sooakland Founder), Brea Watts and Gerry Dove. Thank you guys so much, because a lot of people don’t have a support system and it is very important. If you feel lost in your journey and you don’t really know where to start or you don’t know where to go now, get you a mentor. Find you somebody that works in the field you’re interested in, because a lot of people who are successful want to mentor those who are interested in the journey and need guidance so feel free to reach out to somebody. DM them, email them, do whatever you got to do to be successful. I promise you won’t regret it.

But I hope you guys had a great week! It’s finally Friday, but still push yourself to the limit. I’ve been so tired lately, but I know that all this work is going to pay off and I’m not slowing down. Like Q told me, now or never ❤️.


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