The Tech Bubble: Finding Safe Spaces for POC in The Silicon Valley

When it comes to the Bay Area, it’s a special place filled with diversity, booming tech businesses that collide with art and budding communities, historical landmarks and more. Each area of the Bay has its own style and flair, and we can’t help but be proud of where our roots in the Bay have grounded us as people of color (POC). Bloom where you’re planted, right?

Sometimes, it’s hard to bloom where we’re planted, especially if we don’t feel like we have many spaces that are ours, where we feel safer. Although spaces may not feel entirely safe, we can also work towards making them safer for one another. Specifically in the South Bay where tech companies run rampant, and we’re often left to search the forever shrinking pieces of what’s left after gentrification.

Finding What You Like:

There are many resources that are available in the South Bay such as faith organizations, college clubs and groups, as well as creative spaces like music, art, and entertainment industries. Groupon coupons are a fun way to add more spontaneity into the mix, with cool ideas like sip n’ paint, dance lessons, museum visits, and cooking classes available to choose from.

Finding Spaces That Are Already Available to you

Groups like Local Color, EMLN Exclusive, and Yeevents are great places for young POC to come together and enjoy each other’s company and be in community. Community colleges in the South Bay offer a range of wonderful opportunities such as open mic nights and community discussions held at De Anza College in Cupertino, California. 

Creating Your Own Spaces

This sounds like it can be complicated, but it can be as simple as bringing together a group of friends and adding friends of friends of friends to join you! Something as simple as planned trips, going to the movies, or dinner parties can be ways that safe spaces for POC can be created. There are a lot of free and low cost events that the South Bay has to offer such as food festivals, events at your local library, volunteering, and networking events. Creating your own events is also a great way to break from the tech bubble and network just to meet folks that are interested in similar topics. Hosting events at your local community centers and school can help to build community and let members know that there are more spaces where they are welcomed. Remembering things that make us believe in, and love our community, are the same ideals we can bring to the table now.

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