Trapped In My Past

People say dwelling on the past isn’t healthy and we should focus on the present and hope to have a better future. I understand it, but I also don’t. I feel like most of my happier moments in life are all complied in a file, that is my past. I was happy, I was free, … More Trapped In My Past

How I Conquer PCOS

Most women dream of the day they’ll become a mother. Yet, my reality was different. The dream of becoming a mother was ripped away from me long before I could consider it. I knew that I wanted children, but I wasn’t in a rush to have them. Now, the words of my doctor confirmed I … More How I Conquer PCOS

Anti Cuffing Season

Disclaimer : Cuffing does not necessarily mean marriage . Drafting/Practice (FOR ME)  is growing feelings for, spending extensive time getting to know, and being physically intimate with someone. At this stage of my growth, I personally do not desire to give a title or my body to someone who I wouldn’t want to be raising … More Anti Cuffing Season