Her Friends Don’t Like Me And IDC

I’ve never really been the type that feels as though they need to be loved by everyone. I’ve never had many friends and frankly I’ve never wanted many. The main reason why I think and operate like this is due to the fact that, not many people operate on the same level that I do. I’ve come to understand that this is simply a part of life so who am I to try and force people to show me love the same way I do? Therefore, I simply eliminate these distractions entirely, and keep those around me who I know will operate at least similarly to my own views. Of course it never works out perfectly but just like chess each player has a role to play and that move is their decision. In regards to those closest to me however, I try my best to educate them on people around them that may not operate on the same level that they do. At times I’m subtle and patient about it, while other times I disregard feelings to apply logic. Now of course logic is not like facts ones logic can also be somewhat an opinion from their perspective. This also is something that has taken me time to comprehend. Let’s just be honest and say it’s an ongoing issue that at times I need help understanding.

My wife being the ever so social butterfly at times, well not at times, always sees the good in people. Myself on the other hand have had more experience with various individuals who are not good people with the best intentions in mind. As her husband it is one of my primary duties to protect my wife at all times. Sometimes even from herself. Nonetheless I take this duty very very seriously and will not falter to anyone or thing. When I do say anyone or thing I mean that as well. If Jesus himself finds himself operating in a manner that I feel is harmful or disrespectful then Jesus and I will have to go and speak more than prayers and worship, if someone were to lay hands then God help them.

Family is no exclusion because skinfolk ain’t always your kinfolk. Blood is without a doubt thicker than water but at times theories need to be tested. You should already guess that if a Messiah would not be excused then why should blood? Thus if those factors don’t matter to me than the simple thought of a friendship is simply meaningless to me. Like family isn’t family regardless that is irrelevant to me too, so this explanation of some made up title to me is worthless.

I question and test all these simple matters of words stated and actions proven. If that person said something in regards to promises or agreements they should be held responsible for their own words. If someone does not follow through with either then I bring this to my wife’s attention. Of course she doesn’t want to hear this sometimes, but we all should be told things we don’t want to hear. Steels sharpens steel and I refuse to have a dull mind around me simply due to the fact that they want their feelings spared. Individuals asking for favors who without a doubt wouldn’t return the favor, are brought to attention and her decision to act is hers. Like a councilmen advising a nobleman I do the same and let the final decision be her decision. As long as she is being notified to monitor the larger picture and not always focused on one corner is my objective. Of course my wife does the same and I would have it no other way. Someone around you must play devil’s advocate, telling you the bad news that you don’t want to hear and the truths that you are unaware of. The vision to see all moving pieces on the board. Your simple choice is to allow those people around you to do this for you.


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