Recent Lifestyle Changes

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow is Friday and I can’t believe it! This week definitely flew by. After all that mess I was talking about this past weekend being boring and uneventful, something extremely eventful took place Monday night. I want to discuss it, but I don’t think I am mentally prepared just yet to share, so stay tuned. I just want to remind everyone to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings. Don’t think random people have good intentions, because at the end of the day not everyone you come across is a nice person. That is all I am going to say.

This weekend I work every single day. I am excited, but also kind of sad. I am used to having every weekend off since January, so I will have to re- adapt.  I hope I can still find some time to do something fun, but if I can’t that’s okay. Less time means more money saved. That’s the key. Staying so busy that you have no time to spend any of your money lol. I am excited about getting paid next week, because this is the first check that will reflect my raise. However, I still plan on being extremely frugal, because I am serious about moving out next year. We will see how much self control I have over the Summer. I have so many friends that are constantly hitting me up to do things and I want to do it all. I am the type of person who can not sit at home with no plans. I’m usually always out and about, but that will definetely have to change or it’s inevitable that money will be spent.

I am feeling very confident about June. I just got my hair done and my skin is looking clearer than ever! I have eczema and I recently have been suffering from some bad outbreaks , but forcing myself to drink water has drastically improved my complexion. Yes I said forcing. Those who know me know that I HATE water. I know, I know water is the “center of life” and all but I truly can’t stand the taste. It tastes like nothing and it isn’t satisfying. However, I have been drinking around 4 bottles of water per day. I know that’s not much, but I used to only drink 1 per week so that’s a start! I am feeling confident, more easy going and more organized now that I have my life planned out for the next year. June is going to be enjoyable and stress free! I will speak it into existence.

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