Times Have Changed

Hey everyone,

It is 11:00 pm and I am thinking about how much pride I used to have and how judgmental of a person I was. When you look up the definition of pride it is pretty straight forward;

pride (noun)

  1. a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.

I was the type of person to continue an argument or just say anything to have the last word ,even when I knew I was wrong. I finally realize how ridiculous that behavior is. I am old enough to admit when I am wrong and when I need to humble myself. Don’t be fooled and think I have it all together, this is a recent discovery. Just two months ago my pride almost caused me to lose my best friend of nine years and my boyfriend. At first I was thinking “they’re trippin’ there is nothing wrong with me.” I was playing the victim, until I really started to think and then I realized how my pride and judgmental nature was pushing people away.

There are a lot of people like the old me. Too many insecure people want to appear cocky and confident so they hurt others in the process. Do not get me wrong you should love yourself and genuinely be proud of who you are, but at the end of the day know when to listen and accept criticism and other people’s views. Being open minded is the best quality to have especially in this world today. Things are changing drastically from the acceptance of gay marriage, a black president being elected and transgender bathrooms and people are not going to always agree with you on such controversial topics. The problem is that people are so close minded they make ignorant/ hurtful comments and are only making themselves look bad. Do not be one of those people. The main situation I see that occurs is people who have pride that they lived life “the correct way.” There is this traditional sequence that we are taught of as children that people have been molded to view as the only path.

An example of this traditional life view includes graduating from high school, THEN going to college, THEN getting a good job, THEN dating someone, THEN getting married, THEN having children and then living happily ever after THE END.

However, it is 2016 and life does not happen that way for many people. There is nothing wrong with that traditional way to live, but if someone does those life events out of order, or life takes them in another direction, do not judge them. Everything happens for a reason and everyone’s time is different. Moral of the story is you should never judge someone regardless of your believes or the way you live. People are killing themselves, because of judgement and a sense of non belonging so lets make everyone around us feel comfortable and put our pride and judgment aside. I am glad I was able to grow and finally be more of an open minded person.


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