The #NoMakeup Revolution

I for one am extremely excited about this #NoMakeup Revolution. I was reading an article on how Alicia Keys has decided to be her natural self and stop conforming to the society standard.Keys explained how she was hesitant to go natural for her new album photo shoot when the photographer suggested it, but she was ecstatic when she saw the results.  The article elaborated on how Alicia Keys is reclaiming her natural beauty.
This is amazing! There are so many celebrities we have never even seen without the fake hair, fake body parts and make up. It’s impressive for Alicia keys to be confident enough to go natural when she has so many resources available. This revolution speaks volumes about her character.
According to the article, young women are already being influenced by Keys posting bare faced selfies using the hashtag #NoMakeup. I personally hope this is not a short lived phase that dies once a major celebrity introduces a new make up product.
I personally am new to the make up world. I have always worn eyeshadow but I just started wearing lipsticks and foundation. I was wearing it faithfully the last two months, until my dad made a comment about it after church. My dad looked at me dead in my eyes and said “Why did you start wearing that? It’s noticeable and obvious. You are way prettier without it.” At that point I felt defeated. This entire time I thought I was adding 10 pounds of beauty when I was really diminishing my natural qualities. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with make up and I probably won’t be able to get rid of it all together. But make sure that you are using it as an ACCESSORY and not a NECESSITY.
I know this girl from college who’s boyfriend used to spend the night with her every night. Every morning she would wake up super early to go do her make up. On my way to class one day I asked her “why are you doing your make up do you have class? Work? It’s 8am, ” and she replied, “no I don’t want my boyfriend to wake up and see me. We have been dating for two years and he’s never seen me without make up so I do this every day.” That conversation made me so sad. Two years and your boyfriend doesn’t even know what you look like?! As women we have to be confident and not so dependant on these man made products. At the end of the day most men prefer natural beauty anyway, so who are you really trying to impress? Be yourself.


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