Slowly Transforming into a Risk Taker

Cherish these nights, cherish these people
Life is a movie, but there’ll never be a sequel

~ Nicki Minaj

Here I am. It is  9:29pm on May 9th… it is a Tuesday.

We are halfway through the year and what have I accomplished… a couple things. But now it is time to go all in with my dreams. I had a deep talk with one of my bosses and he made me realize that now is the time to follow my passions, not later. As much as I lecture people not to become complacent that is exactly what I have done. My boss looked me dead in my eyes and told me I am not a risk tasker; he is right. I always play the safe side and go with stability. However, that changes at the end of the summer.


I have developed and revamped all my plans. Instead of focusing on event planning, radio and getting a promotion at my full time job, my new focus will be my writing. After all, writing is my TRUE passion. The other interests I have can honestly be side hustles. I would be the happiest in life if I could have a career in writing, so why am I avoiding it? Maybe because I feel like it will be hard to be successful. Maybe because I am lazy? I don’t know, but this summer is grind time. I WILL find employment pertaining to writing.


In addition, there is my blog which you are reading right now of course LOL. I want to change my content and I plan on making an Instagram just for my website. I have gotten the followers up on my personal Instagram, but I think its time to make one solely to advertise my writing.

I have a lot of writing samples and I want to keep building that. Doing freelance writing, which I plan on doing will definitely help me build my money flow and experience. The more places my work is published, the better, so that’s the hype I’m on. I am still working on getting to bed earlier so I can have more productive days, but as of right now that hasn’t happened. Pray that I can stop being so much of a night owl.


My biggest accomplishment lately has to be the gym. Me, my home girl and my sister have been going three days a week. That may not seem like much to some people, but it is a start. We wanted to start small, but as time goes on we plan on adding more days and more sets. Right now we have a cardio day, leg day and arm day. We do abs everyday, because those are a big deal of course, especially with summer time around the summer. I feel so much better now that I am working out. I used to feel so sluggish everyday leaving a desk job just to sit around some more. At least now there are a few days where I am get my blood flowing and burn some calories.


I have really been cool off my disaster of a love life. Every since 2014 it has been a disaster, so I have finally got the hint to throw in the towel LOL. I wanted to just date and have fun, but now I don’t even want to do that anymore. That’s like at the bottom of my list of priorities, so don’t expect any developments and updates in that area.

A lot of men have called me out about my last blog topics. They said I seem like a feminist now, because I have like three posts bashing men. Honestly, I don’t want to be that bitter female who hates all men, but I think that’s who I am now LOL. I don’t even want to deal with any of them and I for damn sure don’t trust anyone of the opposite sex. After dealing with someone who basically lied about their entire being, who knows if someone is telling the truth. It’s scary and disgusting at the same time.


My other focus was moving out, which I’ve been saving up to do. However, it just doesn’t seem realistic to have enough money by 2018. I want to move out and I hope I can afford to, but I am not going to stress about it. I am only 24 so being at home a little longer wouldn’t be too terrible. If I was 28 I’d start debating life LOL, but for now I feel like living at home gives me a lot more leeway to focus on my dreams and not the stress of making money to survive. A lot of people my age are currently in that position, so I am grateful I’m not.


The PinkPrint album by Nicki Minaj is really going to be my soundtrack for the rest of the year. The whole album is about the past and moving forward to live your life the way you want. Songs like The Night is Still Young, All Things Go and Grand Piano are so deep and synonymouse to things I have been through. This album reminds me that I am young and that my future is in my hands. Regardless of anything that has happened, now is the time to prevail.

How dare we sit quietly, and watch the world pass us by?

~Nicki Minaj


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