Maybe There is Hope

Hey ya’ll!

It is finally Friday and I am so happy. This week was a very productive one and I feel like I’ve been putting in work. As we speak I am walking down the dog trail at the San Leandro Marina. I want to get out of the habit of laying down in my car and taking naps. I have a desk job so all that extra laying down is just going to add to the secretary spread LOL. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

 Last night I was on Pinterest researching ways to improve my life. I found a couple things I wanted to try that I did today:

  1. Put my phone across the room so I don’t press snooze over and over
  2. Put a song I like on my alarm so it isn’t so dreadful waking up
  3. Instead of skipping breakfast, I had some oatmeal and strawberries 
  4. Instead of eating a lot of candy everyday, I’ve decided to eat one dark chocolate square everyday. Studies say it’s good for you
  5. I’ve been drinking water all day instead of juice, energy drinks and coffee 
  6. I didn’t put heat on my hair

This is 6 things I’ve worked on just in one day woohoo! Getting my life together slowly but surely. Today after work I am going to the gym and then I am going on a dinner and a movie date with one of my best friends. We are going to the cheesecake factory, and I can’t wait! Me and one of my exes used to go there everyday so I kind of stopped messing with it. However, I’m over that now and excited to get some salmon and broccoli LOL. We are also going to watch the new movie with Rosario Dawson and Katherine Heigl (can’t think of what it’s called right now). It seems like the movie Obsessed all over again, but I still can’t wait. Katherine is a dope actress. 

Well my walk is almost over and back to work I go. Everyone have a great weekend. Besides tonight I’m probably just going to relax. I’m low key burnt out, but ya’ll turn up for me LOL.


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