How to Spot a Player

Hey ya’ll!

This post has been a long time coming. Everyone who follows me knows that I have the worst luck when dating, so here is a guide from someone who has experienced a lot of these things first hand. Check out my list and please comment and provide feedback 🙂 This is f*** Boy 101 LOL:

There’s No Consistency

If a man randomly disappears, doesn’t respond for days and then comes out of nowhere talking about he’s “been busy,” he is lying. Pay attention to patterns and realize that if he isn’t consistent he’s probably playing you. If you only see him Tuesdays and Wednesdays, he could be seeing a different chick on the other days. Dudes really be doing things like that so be aware.

He claims his ex/ baby mama is “crazy”

When a guy says his ex or baby mama is crazy he’s usually full of %^$. They want to make it seem like she is all over them and can’t move on when in reality he is leading her on or trying to get her back. Men will use this excuse to justify why they still communicate with their ex or baby mama. There is always two sides to every story, so before you believe this, make sure you talk to her.

*9 times out of 10 the girl isn’t crazy*.

He deletes your comments on Social Media

If he deletes comments you leave on social media he is obviously hiding you from someone. If ya’ll are talking, dating or in a relationship you should be able to freely post what you want whenever you want. Guys will use the “I just want to be private and not have everyone in our business” excuse, but that’s bull. If he’s deleting your comments and untags himself when you tag him GET OUT.

He never posts you on Social Media

If a guy snapchats all the time, but he never posts you in anything he’s hiding you and is probably talking to other women. Same with the other forms of social media. Especially if it’s been a long period of time that you’ve been together/ dating. Any guy proud of his “girl” will post her and want to show her off. If he doesn’t, you need to reevaluate if this dude’s a f*** boy.

His friends are players

I hate to judge someone based on their friends, but usually “birds of a feather flock together” is accurate. I have seen men I have dateds friends and been appalled at their behavior. Of course the guy will swear up and down “but I’m not like that.” Don’t believe this LOL. Just like his friends have different girls around you don’t be gullible and think he doesn’t do the same. 

You guys don’t go on dates, you “chill”

If he never takes you anywhere and always wants to watch movies or chill at the house this will never be anything serious. Clearly he doesn’t think you are worth much and isn’t putting in effort. Screams F&^% boy.

He goes out all the time

I mean going out (Clubbing/ drinking) is fun and all but if he’s going out every weekend no doubt he’s meeting more women. Especially if you all haven’t made it official yet. This could be innocent fun with friends, but look out for it if you have been talking for a while. Especially if you all met in a club environment 

He accuses you of things left and right

If he is accusing you of things all the time without any proof or signs of you doing anything ,then he is most likely guilty of doing wrong himself. He is accusing you of things because he knows all the things he is doing.

It is not because of his “trust issues because he’s been hurt in the past” LOL *sips tea*

Someone told you he is a player

If he has a reputation believe that. Don’t be gullible and think that “he’s changed” and do not ignore advice from those who know things about his past.

There’s Alot of Unsaved Numbers Hitting Him Up

These numbers are most likely girls numbers that he hasn’t saved. It’s easy to claim you don’t know who someone when they call and text you and the number isn’t saved.

There is no PDA 

If he’s all over you behind clothes doors, but once you go somewhere together he walks 5 feet ahead of you and is on his phone he is trying to hide you. He only cares behind closed doors and has other females. He may say “I don’t like PDA”, but this is just so he doesn’t get caught up and he can use the “she’s just a friend” excuse if the others see you.

He says things like “I’m Confused”, “Let’s Take it Slow” “We are Basically Together” 

Yeah… if it’s been like 7 months and he is still using some lines like these he is trying to keep stringing you along and will never commit. Girls go a long with it and hope that it will be official, but he is just trying to have his cake and eat it too.

*Don’t allow yourself to be strung along*


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