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Say What You Mean Ladies

In relationships where trust may be a factor; either directly compromised from your spouse or maybe even past fears hinder us. They get in the way of saying the things we need or want from a person because we may feel as though we are asking for too much. Maybe we feel like they won’t… Continue reading Say What You Mean Ladies


How to Spot a Player

Hey ya'll! This post has been a long time coming. Everyone who follows me knows that I have the worst luck when dating, so here is a guide from someone who has experienced a lot of these things first hand. Check out my list and please comment and provide feedback 🙂 This is f*** Boy… Continue reading How to Spot a Player


How to Communicate: A Dating Survival Guide

Hey guys! I wanted to address communication skills when dating/ "talking" to someone. I have been hearing so many stories lately and I feel like this needs to be discussed. Here is advice for people who are in these roles: THE ASSUMER: Let me say first and foremost just because you are going on dates with… Continue reading How to Communicate: A Dating Survival Guide