Is Love a Seasonal Thing? #CuffingSeason

Hey everyone!

This post is inspired by Eric Bellinger’s albums Cuffing Season and Cuffing Season Part 2. I am in love with Eric Bellinger! He is extremely talented and so underrated (along with other artists such as Keke Wyatt, Kehlani and Alessia Cara, but I digress) and these albums are FIRE. Especially for those of you who like music filled with love and passion. Eric B. is married to La’Miya Good (Megan Good’s sister) and they are so in love, it’s apparent in his music. With features from Lil’ Boosie, Tank,Sevyn Streeter, etc., these albums are undeniably great. Both albums are like a year old, but regardless, I still recommend you listen to them.

Now that I have made my music recommendations, I will discuss my feelings toward”cuffing season.” First I will define the term (Urban Dictionary Style):

cuffing season (n.)– During the fall and winter months people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves, along with the rest of the world, desiring to be “cuffed” or tied down by a serious relationship.

I think this is completely accurate! People want to be free in the summer and do what they want. No one wants to be tied down over the summer… especially if you have plans to travel, party and do other outlandish things. However, I do suggest that if you feel bummed about already being in your relationship over the summer, you should probably just be single. Being in a relationship could make your summer even better although the plans will just be different… or do they have to be? Couples can travel together, party together and make spontaneous memories, it just depends on the people.

Cuffing season applies differently to different people… some people (the cheap ones) would rather be single, so they won’t have to buy their boyfriend/ girlfriend a gift. Being in a relationship over the summer is awesome for them, because there are no gift giving holidays from March to September LOL. Plus, summer means more free time for people who are still in college, so they will not have to balance their relationship with work and school. Everyone’s mentality is different and I could name various scenarios, but overall I do think most people get in their feelings once “cuffing season” is here. I personally am usually in a relationship throughout cuffing season, so this year will be different for me. However, I don’t feel sad… I am excited to save money and not have to buy a boyfriend a gift HAHAHA (yes, I’m petty).

Cuffing season means someone to cuddle with, exchange gifts with, and someone to hold you through the cold fall/ winter weather. So romantic! But why can’t Summer be romantic as well? Eric’s album explains how cuffing season is year round for him and I am here for it. Yes it is a little hot throughout the summer, but nothing is better than walking on the beach with your significant other or going to Six Flags ( I love Six Flags!).

But to be honest, I would rather be in a relationship during cuffing season rather than summer, if I have to pick one over the other. The holidays in general make these seasons cuffing season! The ideas of standing under a mistletoe for a kiss, ice skating hand in hand with your significant other,sitting under a blanket in front of the fire place, are probably corny to some people, but I adore them. So shout out to all the people who have been cuffed or will be cuffed this season. Do all the romantic things I mentioned and enjoy it ❤ Here are some hilarious visuals I found online related to cuffing season. Enjoy!imgrescuffingseason_11351580537714_3012989cuffing-seasonn


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