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You’re Wasting Your Time Trying To Pursue Your Passion

Your gift will make room for you. Your Gift: The thing that you do the absolute best without any effort.

My Life Be Like


Passion What are you passionate about? Really sit and think about it. If time and money were not a factor in your life, what would you do? Would you paint; would you sing; would you go from country to country eating different foods? What would you do? For me, I would sit next to a… Continue reading PURSUING P.U.R.P.O.S.E: PT 1


Is Love a Seasonal Thing? #CuffingSeason

Hey everyone! This post is inspired by Eric Bellinger's albums Cuffing Season and Cuffing Season Part 2. I am in love with Eric Bellinger! He is extremely talented and so underrated (along with other artists such as Keke Wyatt, Kehlani and Alessia Cara, but I digress) and these albums are FIRE. Especially for those of you… Continue reading Is Love a Seasonal Thing? #CuffingSeason