What are you passionate about? Really sit and think about it. If time and money were not a factor in your life, what would you do? Would you paint; would you sing; would you go from country to country eating different foods? What would you do? For me, I would sit next to a huge body of water by myself for months at a time and read and write and write and write and then when I got tired of writing, I’d study great writers and then write some more. That’s primarily why I chose to do that on my birthday. I wanted to spend my day doing the very thing I’d do if time and money didn’t exist. And you know what… it was the MOST AMAZING way to start my new year.


It’s so important that you find your passion. You know the parable of the talents in the Bible where it talks about the man with one talent who buried it and then the ones who had more doubled what was given to them. You know what I think? The person with one talent lacked passion.


A gift without passion will never feed you. You may be good at something, but I think if we (myself included) find a way to marry our gifts with our passion we’ll double them as well.

Example, one of my gifts is that people are drawn to me and they voluntarily tell me their issues (I’m talking people I barely know). I got a whole B.S. Degree because of that gift. But to be honest, I hate listening to other people’s problems because I have no concept of how to separate them from my own. Imagine your therapist sitting in their chair crying with you… I would’ve been the worst. I could’ve made great money if I followed my original path of getting my doctorate and owning my practice, but that’s not my passion. It’s only a gift.

Aside from the arts, you know what I’m passionate about?

The fact that my dad is 60 freaking years old, has worked all his life, is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, and has NOTHING to show for it because NOBODY ever tried to help him.

That my family was almost a statistic and my parents almost got a divorce over arguments about MONEY!!

That so many black children grow up without fathers because of MONEY!!

That old ladies are outside picketing for $15/hour at McDonalds because they were sold a LIE that their company would take care of them and that it was ok that the stock market crashed every 8-10 years and took all their life savings from their retirement!!

That college students at 18 can sign their life away to 100k of student loan debt from a NON LICENSED person, BUT I had to go through all this training, all this rejection, all this negativity, to get a license to teach people how to SAVE MONEY!!

That the same debt doesn’t even mean you’ll get a job and 9 times out of 10, you get a job just to pay off the debt.


I’m passionate about the fact that if I don’t save my family nobody will.

I’m passionate about the fact that one day my clients that are kids will not stress so much when they’re in school because I taught their parents how to save for it.

I’m passionate about the fact that I help people sleep better at night knowing their money is safe. REGARDLESS OF WHO IS IN OFFICE !

I’m passionate about the fact that I teach parents to make more money in less time so they have MORE QUALITY TIME with their kids.

I’m passionate about the example I’m setting for all the little ladies EVERWHERE that you can become successful with your MIND!

I’m passionate about the PURPOSE!

And I promise you, whenever I have a bad day, I’ll come back and read this again to remind myself that the purpose is far greater than the pain.


2 thoughts on “PURSUING P.U.R.P.O.S.E: PT 1

  1. Amazing read, Lacey. This very concept of marrying our passion to the gifts & skillsets we’ve acquired naturally to multiply the value in our purpose resonates with me in a plethora of ways. Thank God for moving your pen onto this subject matter. Much needed confirmation.


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