Adjusting to a New Job, Trying to Get Out of Debt and Looking For A Roommate


Hey guys!

The year is halfway over and a lot has happened to me since I provided my last life update in May. Therefore, I decided to share what’s been going on for you loyal Reckless Behavior readers who have been following my journey since day one. Check it out and please comment below if you have any suggestions or comments. Love ya’ll and thanks for reading.



My living situation has been amazing. I have the perfect roommate. He cooks, cleans and is barely home. However, he is relocating to southern California and now I have to find a new roommate to move in September 1st. This has been stressful, because I am scared of what I am going to get. My roommate from hell was someone I knew and this amazing roommate was a complete stranger from Craigslist so now I am confused on where to even search. I just really wish I could live alone, because even if I get someone I know to live with me, you never know what kind of roommate they will be until you actually live together. Same with interviewing randoms. Anyone can say they’ll be clean and respectful and then not be. I’m just hoping my next roommate is someone decent and I am not trapped in an unhealthy living situation similar to the one I was in last year.


My love life has taken an unexpected turn and I couldn’t be happier. That’s all I’m going to say in regards to that ;).


The web series is coming along SO WELL! Its been lots of work with stress and obstacles, but I have been having so much fun with my cast and crew. I know that you guys are going to love the end results. As of right now we plan to show the first episode at a watch party on my bday (December 27th) and have it transition into my bday celebration. If you are unable to make it to that, stay tuned for the first episode which will air in January 2020. I am so anxious and excited!!!


Although I always have intentions to take better care of myself, I am still not doing it. I barely eat, I barely sleep and now I’m sick and I know it stemmed from constantly moving and never taking the time to relax. My job sent me to Chicago for an intense two day training and the next day I was back in the office, had a meeting with my videographer, then rehearsal. A few days later we filmed an episode of the web series and I woke up the following day feeling terrible. Its been about five days and my health has not improved in the slightest. Honestly this needs to be more of a priority for me, because I realize that the busier I get the more often I am starting to get sick. Keep me in your prayers, I have too much going on to be sick.


Ever since I quit the dental office in March, I have been surviving off credit. It wasn’t until yesterday when I calculated all four of my credit cards and realized that I am $14,000 in debt that I started to realize how foolish this was.

Let me explain how I got in this predicament:

  1. Quit my job without having any money saved TWICE
  2. Went on a vacation to Atlanta with no actual money
  3. I took on multiple projects for less money than I deserve
  4. The web series (which costs money of course) went into production right after I quit
  5. I applied and received two additional credit cards, because I maxed out the two I already had
  6. I was partying, drinking and eating out when I should have been using that time to Door Dash or apply for freelance gigs.

There you have it. I dug myself in this hole essentially because I was putting most of my energy into tasks not generating income. As much as I love QMC and my upcoming web series, it was ignorant for me to think that focusing on those things without an actual business plan to generate revenue was the way to go. Now here I am. I have generated more of a following and I have produced some amazing content, but I am financially screwed.

It all started last year when I quit my job at the property management company. I walked away from $73k a year because happiness is more important to me than stability. I wonder what my life would be like if I would of stayed at that company? However, I can’t look back or have regrets and I can’t ignore the fact that working there was putting myself in a toxic environment.

I just got a new job at a marketing company. I like it so far and it pays okay, but because of how expensive my rent is paying down my debt is going to be a long process. I really wanted to be able to save money, but producing my web series, paying rent and all of life’s other expenses makes saving damn near impossible. Not to forget now I have maintenance items, because I am the star of a web series and I don’t want to be on camera looking a mess. I used to neglect my hair and nails due to lack of funds, but now I can’t.

I don’t know how I feel right now. I wish I would have been smarter and not so damn impulsive. I never thought I would but I’ve been considering applying for grad school next year, but I think of my additional student loan debt ($30,000) and it makes me discouraged to add more. I want to be financially stable and eventually be able to buy myself a house and other assets, but realizing how in debt I am and how much my credit score has dropped significantly, I feel like all my aspirations are so far from my reach. Please keep me in your thoughts as I try to figure out a way to crawl out of this hole and straighten out my finances. Also, if you have any tips or tricks don’t hesitate to drop them below. In addition, I hope you are doing great, living ya’ll best lives and enjoying your Summer <3.



One thought on “Adjusting to a New Job, Trying to Get Out of Debt and Looking For A Roommate

  1. You’re going to be okay. Just stay bringing dreams to reality, focused and believe instead of hoping that all will he well. I believe in you champion. This is only one chapter of an outstanding book called your life.
    Cannot wait to see the webseries and remember the health things of spiced cider and soup.


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