Dear (Insert Your Name Here)


Life requires us to perform an overview on those around us. We get use to the comfort of people, places, and even ourselves that we forget to acknowledge our appreciation. If not our appreciation, then just our growth or changed perception. Sometimes our actions aren’t reflective of the words we have in our hearts. Our voices and our thoughts need to be heard—sometimes even immortalized on paper. It took recent events to make realize how love surrounds me in the energy I allow into my space.

Dear Self- Stop being so hard on yourself. You have accomplished so much and don’t ever discredit yourself. Love on yourself because you are the source of your own happiness. You are worthy of every blessing, opportunity, and experience that comes your way. Do not give up on yourself! You are the love you need and don’t ever forget that. Choose yourself and happiness every time. Your existence will set someone else free. You are your first priority. Love can only exist around me if it exist within me.

Dear Dad- I’m thankful that you found the way back to yourself. I’m grateful for the relationship that we are building and for the memories we will create. I forgive you for not being there when I know that’s what you desired most. I love you. ❤️

Dear Mom – You are my biggest supporter; you give me so much love. I’m thankful for you each day and how you raised me. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to repay you, but I’ll try my hardest. Thanks for being my shoulder to cry on and the best advice giver. I love you beyond this Universe. I couldn’t ever do life without you.❤️

Dear School/Career-I promise to give my all. I will not stop until I make the impact I desire and walk into my calling. I will not stop even on the days it’s harder for me to work at it.

Dear Siblings – I love each of you, and I pray you all have the best life possible. I’m here in every way possible and I’ll forever be in your corner even on our bad days.

Dear future husband/wife- I pray that I’m the spouse you need and desire. I pray that our love is genuine and healthy! I pray you’re the vision of love God has for me. You’ll always have a friend in me and I promise to support you until your last breath. I can’t wait to make memories with you that carry us to old age. Thanks for having me through my ups, downs, and in betweens. I can’t guarantee everything will be easy, but it’ll be worth it.

Dear future child-I’ll love you always. Don’t ever feel like you can’t talk to me. You’re surrounded by love, please don’t let the world make you forget that. Don’t let the world make you dim your light or change who you are. Remain true to yourself always even on the days it’s harder to do so.

Dear guy best friend –  I’m praying that your also my lover and protector in one. 🤞🏾

Dear girl best friend – I’m so proud of you. You keep my grounded and in check. My life wouldn’t be the same without you. You will forever be my sister and nothing will change that. You are so giving of yourself and your gift.

Dear Ex-I pray you find the peace you need to truly be yourself: I forgave you a long time ago. Love exist for you in a place that I once held hatred in. I pray one day you see the light in yourself. I pray that one day you wake up and can experience true genuine love. I pray that the pieces of yourself you hate are the pieces you grow to love.

Dear guys in my private messages- I’m not interested in part time love or being the reason you hurt another woman. Karma doesn’t have picks or chooses, she comes for everyone. You like me, you don’t value me.

Dear people that hate me – I love you because I realize that hate is just an absence of love you desire. Maybe one day that hate in your heart will be filled with love. Peace and blessings upon you.

Dear people that love me – Don’t ever give up on me. Don’t ever stop choosing me because your love has brought me so far. I pray that my legacy makes you proud one day.

These are my words of love, appreciation, and changes of perception. Sometimes we just need to check in.


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