Lifting Every Voice

The series of recent devastating events stemming from racial injustice has forced us to reevaluate some of our personal connections and hold uncomfortable conversations.  Although it was refreshing to see my own timelines flooded with my people protesting and fighting for justice, it hurt me to witness us attacking each other’s unmatched contributions.  The continued police brutality and killings of our black kings and queens will always bring forth anger and pain. It affects our culture as a whole, but the reality is that we are not all subjected to have the same reactions.  Whether our people are being outspoken, completely silent, actively listening, or physically protesting, perhaps the focus should be on our own personal involvement instead of what others may or may not be doing. 

In times like these, confidently lifting our voices on social platforms is effective and ideal for some but not all black people.  Social media does play a big role in getting our message across but we have to understand that lifting our voices can be done in other effective ways besides social platforms. Lashing out at our own people for not publicly engaging/sharing their thoughts, opinions, feelings, views, solutions, etc. can be perceived as bringing on more negativity.  There may be some of our people who want to speak out and lift their voice but are being silent because they are unsure how to contribute or in fear of being attacked. 

 As I personally took a few weeks away from social media myself to process each horrifying story I wanted to share some alternative ways that myself and others can lift our voices.  Behind the scenes, donating to racial justice organizations and programs is a great contribution.  Volunteering in our own communities and finding groups that are geared towards serving the black community is also necessary.  Lifting every voice can also be done by acknowledging the work of black leaders, activists, educators, black businesses, and educating ourselves more in the subjects of black history and political science.  “A revolution changes the system, destroys the system, and replaces it with a better one” (Malcolm X) so as the oppressors we have to consciously dissect the system as we continue to fight for our rights. 


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