Black & White

You know what?… I bet you the only culture or population of people who are not afraid to be unapologetically themselves are white people. Like have you ever really thought about that? Because when I think about it I am terrified. Terrified to be Black in front of Black people because my blackness might not … More Black & White

Freedom Poem

Freedom reigned Freedom sang Freedom minimized the pain Freedom won Freedom come Freedom put away the guns Freedoms near Freedoms here Freedom crying no more tears Freedom flight Freedom fight Freedom that we know our rights Freedom us Freedom we Free to celebrate JUNETEETH

Exclusive Interview w/ Multi Faceted Creative Jessica Phoenix

Hi everyone! I am excited to share that I recently got a chance to interview the multi faceted creative/ entrepreneur, Jessica Phoenix. Her passion is for living life deeply through connection and her vehicles to connect are the Diaspora, Culture, Arts, Music, Dance, Healing, and Wellness. Please check out the interview below to get to know this … More Exclusive Interview w/ Multi Faceted Creative Jessica Phoenix

The God In You

The world around you is falling apart. People that look like you are being killed over and over by those appointed to protect us. Our brothers and sisters have been found hanging in trees and it’s being labeled as suicide. Your government not only supports your demise but is evolving and coming up with new … More The God In You

Album Review: Civil Disobedience by Marisha Ashanti

On July 21st Marisha Ashanti released her new project, Civil Disobedience. Civil Disobedience is Marisha’s second EP and is considered a love letter to the world. It’s a declaration of freedom and the liberty to no longer just survive, but to thrive.  This project is a Pro- Black masterpiece that highlights the continuous oppression of … More Album Review: Civil Disobedience by Marisha Ashanti

All Skinfolk Ain’t…

Current events have led me to dissect the well known quote “All my skinfolk ain’t kinfolk.” This quote, which was said by my Triumphant Soror Zora Neale Hurston, means that someone can inhabit a black body and be an agent of white supremacy. Because of the ongoing pandemic, people around the world have been forced … More All Skinfolk Ain’t…