Album Review: Civil Disobedience by Marisha Ashanti

On July 21st Marisha Ashanti released her new project, Civil Disobedience. Civil Disobedience is Marisha’s second EP and is considered a love letter to the world. It’s a declaration of freedom and the liberty to no longer just survive, but to thrive. 

This project is a Pro- Black masterpiece that highlights the continuous oppression of Black people in America. If you are looking for something fresh and substantial, look no further! The five song project begins with an intro titled “Another Fallen Son” that ends with the lyrics “R.I.P to all the sons and daughters gone too soon”. As a Black woman who has lived through so many premature losses, these lyrics definitely resonate with me.

The second track “Riots 2020” featuring Rob Woods is my favorite song on the project. The song opens with the lyrics “Why we gotta act a fool to get their attention?” This question is the most appropriate question to ask following the aftermath of recent deaths of Black people such as Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks. The most powerful part of the song is when Marisha lists a number of Black people who were killed due to police brutality. Featuring Rob Woods, who also creates Pro- Black music for our people, was an excellent move that served as the icing on the cake to this track’s authenticity.

The song “Brooklyn” is an upbeat track that is very uplifting after listening to “Riots 2020.” This track definitely showcases Marisha’s vocal abilities and I was all the way here for it! Track number four is called “Silver Lining” and it is also very upbeat like “Brooklyn”. I love the positivity and motivational lyrics incorporated that are much needed at a time like this. I was blown away when Marisha took it up a notch toward the end of the song! Being someone who admires true vocalists that can SANG, I am truly impressed by how she went off on this track and her overall delivery of such an influential message.

In the last track “Powernomics” Marisha sings a rendition of “Lift Every Voice and Sing” and goes into steps for how Black people can build and educate themselves instead of settling for what “they” are teaching us. This song is very well written and a perfect concluding track to the project. Overall, Civil Disobedience is flawless! You can tell that Marisha put a lot of energy and hard work into it. This queen is telling a story that needs to be heard and although I had never listened to Marisha Ashanti up until this point, she has definitely gained a new fan. Make sure to join Marisha in this heartfelt healing process as she patches up wounds, explains the anger that fuels the 2020 riots, and shares personal struggles that are all too familiar to the Black Community. Also, don’t forget to follow her on social media to stay in the loop on all her endeavors.


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