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Album Review: Civil Disobedience by Marisha Ashanti

On July 21st Marisha Ashanti released her new project, Civil Disobedience. Civil Disobedience is Marisha’s second EP and is considered a love letter to the world. It’s a declaration of freedom and the liberty to no longer just survive, but to thrive.  This project is a Pro- Black masterpiece that highlights the continuous oppression of… Continue reading Album Review: Civil Disobedience by Marisha Ashanti


Inspiration for Travis Holloway

When I was younger, I always thought my older brother was so cool. He would come over and visit ever so often and eventually he moved back in with us. Initially he didn’t seem that interested in having a relationship with his younger sisters. He would just buy us things. I will never forget when… Continue reading Inspiration for Travis Holloway