When I was younger, I always thought my older brother was so cool. He would come over and visit ever so often and eventually he moved back in with us. Initially he didn’t seem that interested in having a relationship with his younger sisters. He would just buy us things. I will never forget when I was in middle school and my brother got me a pair of G-Units. I thought I was the coolest 7th grader ever! When my brother got me a new gift, no one could tell me shit. I wore those black G-Unit sneakers until the wheels fell off.

As we grew older me and my brother have become the best of friends. We text often, drink together, watch shows that we like and critique different music. Ever since I started my creative endeavors he has been extremely supportive. He has helped spread the word, shared my content and given me some great ideas. He often comes up with suggestions that I never would of thought of. I appreciate him constantly encouraging me and trying to help me succeed. I’ll never forget the day he told me he was proud of me. That meant so much coming from him.

With the creation of Travis, I wanted to depict an obnoxious OG that doesn’t give a damn, but also a supportive brother who has his sister’s back no matter what.