Why Does Cuffing Season End?

handcuffs and cuffing season

Cuffing season has been around for a while now. Each year, when the weather starts to change and fall starts to roll in, people begin to get their drafts going and put their pieces in order on their chessboard of cuffing season. Some end up in power positions on the board, while others are just pawns that are important only for a moment in that season. While all those positions people are placed in are interesting, what is even more interesting is the rate at which these relationships never extend past cuffing season.

After speaking to a few men and women who were asked about why cuffing season doesn’t extend into a relationship, there were many different answers. Here are a few:

“I believe a lot of people don’t want a full-blown relationship. They just want someone who will consistently show up when they want them to. So, in order to keep them coming back, they commit to this temporary relationship. Then, when they want to get their hot boy/hot girl summer on, they end it.”

“I believe some do. For the ones that don’t, it could basically be a winter fling. During the winter or fall, it’s less about turning up and more about family and less things to do.”

“Who’s to say they don’t? I think ‘cuffing season’ is a preliminary for an actual relationship. They have to start somewhere. If the two parties are both on the same page when it comes to a relationship, then the cuffing season relationship can definitely last past the ‘session’.”

“I think that once the reality comes that it’s just a fulfillment of loneliness they were looking for and not a long-lasting relationship, things start to wear down quickly. The winter is coded in us to be close to a partner for safety since we are cavemen. Once the need of filling that void is filled, it makes it easy to move on and avoid something serious until loneliness sets in again. ”

Four different people. Four different answers as to why cuffing seasons don’t extend beyond the cuffing season timeframe. In seeing these responses, you can see that there are rules to the game, but that everyone sets their own rules. So, while everyone is trying to set rules for this person, that person and the other, the main thing is that both people are on the same page.

So, if you are in cuffing season or trying to get your cuffing season kickstarted, the main thing is to set the rules for both of you to understand and that each person abides by them. Cuffing season is what you make it. But remember the spirit of cuffing season is just that: a season. Trying to extend it to a full relationship is done at your own risk.



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